Your next idea could change the world

your next idea could change the world

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Mountain Peaks Wine Glass
Sold out

This Mountain Peaks of the World Wine glass features the tallest mountain on each continent. Pour yourself a glass of wine and plan your next mountaineering adventure, alpine data collection mission, or geological survey. 13oz/400mL

Mars Rover Washi Tape
Sold out

A roll of Mars exploration-inspired washi tape featuring art of some of the rovers we have sent to explore the red planet. This decorative paper masking tape is perfect for livening up your everyday creations. Decorate your scientific journal or notebook, or use...

Minerals of Earth Collection
Sold out

A collection of 12 exotic geological specimens from across the planet paired with research cards.

Tricone Well Drill Head
Sold out

A drill head that has been used to bore a hole deep into the Earth. This would make a great display piece for a drilling or machinery enthusiast. A tri-cone drill head is a type of drill bit used for...

Rock Core
Sold out

These cylinders are core samples of rock from a Colorado gold & diamond mine.  Rock core samples are used to study the geologic and mineralogical properties of subsurface rock layers. They are typically obtained by drilling into the earth and...

Population and Community Ecology
Sold out

Author: E. C. Pielou Publisher: Gordon and Breach Science Publishers Condition: Good; Some stains on the outside, the inside is in excellent condition. Please refer to photos for details 


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