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JWST Historic Poster #1 - Webb Deep Field


Historic achievements like the Webb Observatory deserve a memento for posterity.

We present this high quality print of the first image released from the James Webb Space Telescope: The Webb Deep Field / Galaxy cluster SMACS 0723.

Size: 11 x 14"
Ships rolled.

Poster reads:NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has produced the deepest and sharpest infrared image of the distant universe to date. Known as Webb’s First Deep Field, this image of galaxy cluster SMACS 0723

is overflowing with detail.

Thousands of galaxies – including the faintest objects ever observed in the infrared – have appeared in Webb’s view for the first time. This slice of the vast universe is approximately the size of a grain of sand held at arm’s length by someone on the ground.

This deep field, taken by Webb’s Near-Infrared Camera (NIRCam), is a composite made from images at different wavelengths, totaling 12.5 hours – achieving depths at infrared wavelengths beyond the Hubble Space Telescope’s deepest fields, which took weeks.

The image shows the galaxy cluster SMACS 0723 as it appeared 4.6 billion years ago. The combined mass of this galaxy cluster acts as a gravitational lens, magnifying much more distant galaxies behind it. Webb’s NIRCam has brought those distant galaxies into sharp focus – they have tiny, faint structures that have never been seen before, including star clusters and diffuse features. Researchers will soon begin to learn more about the galaxies’ masses, ages, histories, and compositions, as Webb seeks the earliest galaxies in the universe.


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JWST Historic Poster #1 - Webb Deep Field

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
C.G. (New York, United States)
Great poster for science classroom

Very nice print!

D.S. (Massachusetts, United States)

Sweet poster

L.H. (Texas, United States)
So cool

This is such a cool poster, I'm going to enjoy collecting all of them. It's more than 5 stars


It is the perfect poster to display in my Earth Science classroom!

K.H. (California, United States)
Needed a quality print

I wanted to commemorate this awesome occasion with a quality print of this first look through this amazing telescope . This was the one.

K.G. (Virginia, United States)
Awesome photo poster!

Awesome historic photo poster! Glad this was available to purchase!

J.F. (Florida, United States)
James Webb Deep Field is beautiful

The poster is of excellent quality for framing and arrived in good condition. Loved having the date displayed, and the poster available within a few weeks after it was released to the world!

C. (Nebraska, United States)
Great customer service

The photos from the James Webb telescope are beautiful. It was exciting and amazing to look at all the galaxies. Fast shipping. Packaged well.

M.M. (Virginia, United States)
Nice Historic Poster

This is a very nice high quality poster of a very historic event. It is a stunning picture especially when you consider that just about every object is a galaxy and how many are in such a small field of view. Can't wait for what's next from Webb!

D.D. (Arkansas, United States)
very nice


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JWST Historic Poster #1 - Webb Deep Field

JWST Historic Poster #1 - Webb Deep Field