It has been undeniably proven that the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases (GHGs) continues to rise and threaten the habitability of our planet—the only known refuge for life in the universe.

It is the responsibility of every business, the primary polluters of the world, to ensure a sustainable supply chain. That is why we have taken steps to ensure that our activities remain 100% carbon-neutral.

Unlike other companies that continue to pollute while patting themselves on the back for creating carbon neutral pledges they hope to attain by 2030 or 2050—we achieved carbon neutrality some time ago and plan to remain that way.

One way we do this is by supporting agroforestry projects around the globe with every order. Click here to view our forest and our impact. Due to these efforts, every order we ship is guaranteed 100% carbon-neutral.

Much more information about the climate situation can be found at these reputable sources: