As a young startup, we've got lofty goals which are currently out of our financial reach. We can't wait to burst into new markets, curate museums, host classes, invite speakers, conduct community-wide experiments, and explore our ever-growing list of science education avenues.

Over the past 3 years our 3-person team has opened one of the only science shops in the entire world, launched a popular monthly subscription box that sells out every month, partnered with some of the biggest names in popular science (NASA, Vsauce, Adam Savage, @physicsfun, Everyday Astronaut, Veritasium), and brought science to the forefront in Tulsa, OK.

Our goal from the beginning has been to make science accessible to everyone and encourage the next generation of great minds. If you're as passionate about sharing science as we are and you're interested in investing in a future project, feel free to contact us here.