We're hiring! Positions available below. If interested, please send an email with relevant experience to Know someone who may be perfect for one of these jobs? Please share this page with them!


1. Ecommerce Specialist 

[If you've already applied, we're currently reviewing applications]

Our subscription box is growing faster than we can keep up with. We are looking for a part- or full-time project manager with experience in online subscription services to help maintain this momentum. This position is open to candidates in the Tulsa, OK area. This is a science themed box, so an understanding—or at least appreciation—of general science is very helpful.


  • Project management
  • Supply chain: Help source new items for future boxes
  • Customer service (via email)
  • Maintain growth without compromising quality
  • Streamline logistics

Skills (helpful, but not required if willing to learn):

  • Cratejoy
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • Google sheets
  • Product photography
  • InDesign
  • General Science (understanding of atoms, elements, the universe, etc.)


2. Web/Front-end Developer

[If you've already applied, we're currently reviewing applications]

Our website could use some optimization/integration to reduce workload and potential for errors. This could be a part-time or temporary position depending on scope of work to be determined. Candidates in the Tulsa, OK area preferred but not required.


  • Optimize our various websites
  • Integrate separate online platforms or find alternative solutions to meet our custom needs
  • Streamline logistics and distribution where possible
  • Optimize automated emails/notifications

Skills (helpful, but not required):

  • Cratejoy
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace


3. Climate Advocate

[If you've already applied, we're currently reviewing applications]

As the future habitability of our planet is becomes less certain, overwhelming public misinformation prevents any major changes that could correct this pollution epidemic. We want to spearhead an evidence-based climate movement in Oklahoma and do our part to ensure humanity's continued existence. For now, this is a part-time position with flexible schedule, but it could develop into a full-time position.

This position may be best for someone:

  • Who is passionate about the environment and the general survival of the human species on Earth
  • Who already has ideas for climate advocacy
  • Who may not have a platform to bring these ideas to life


  • Organize a local Extinction Rebellion (or similar) chapter and communicate with other local climate advocacy groups
  • Organize events focused on climate/environmental issues
  • Promote the facts within the well-researched IPCC climate reports

Skills (helpful, but not required):

  • Event-coordinating
  • Methods for minimizing carbon footprint
  • Knowledge of the chemistry of climate change (CO2, methane, ocean acidification, etc.)
  • Self-motivated
  • Email communication


Odd Jobs

If you are qualified in one of the following areas, we'd love to pick your brain for an hour or so. These positions will fluctuate based on our current business needs. Please email with your qualifications and hourly rate and we'll try to schedule a meeting.

  • Charity Manager
  • Event Coordinator
  • Machinist/Sheet Metal Fabricator
  • Product Designer
  • Speakers for our monthly Think & Drink