The universe is full of amazing things

Matter is our monthly box of intriguing scientific items. We search the planet for interesting forms of matter and send them to your door. A monthly dose of fascination to feed your curiosity.

Want more conversation pieces in your life?  Start building your collection of scientific specimens, artifacts, tools, & curiosities by claiming a box in our next limited batch.

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what you can expect to receive

Real science, no fluff

Everything in a Matter box will have some interesting scientific property. Don't expect t-shirts, plushes, or toys—unless there is something scientifically fascinating about it.

Don't just look smart, be smart

We include informational cards to explain the scientific value of the items you receive and provide a starting point for your own research.

1 box, 1 tree

We're proudly carbon neutral. We plant a tree for every order placed and send you details about it, and all packaging materials are either reusable, recyclable, or compostable.


Each month's boxes are all shipped in the first week of each month. You'll receive our newest items before they are even available in our store.

Interested in a past box? Grab a discounted past box from our vault here.


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When you get your box, take a moment to learn the significance of these items in the universe.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 144 reviews
D.B. (Massachusetts, United States)
Fantastic box full of surprises for the whole family!

This is really one of the best subscription boxes I've ever had. My kids and I look forward to it arriving so we can add everything to our growing collection and read about all the unique items. You never know what you're going to get but it's all going to be exciting to learn about, handle, and use. It's like getting your own little museum exhibit delivered every month (but none of it's behind glass!). So glad I found out about Stemcell; it's my new go to shop for gifts for my science loving family!

A.E. (Arizona, United States)

Matter Subscription Box

m.d. (Michigan, United States)

partner and i look forward to the next month! both of us being science geeks, it’s a great little reward for both of us.

We love the matter box!

Every single box is so different and completely jam-packed with cool stuff. This was a gift subscription for my husband and it entertained the whole family thoroughly! Highly recommend for science lovers and those new to loving science, alike. It’s so much fun and so informative, each and every time!

J.D. (Pennsylvania, United States)
Amazing Box!

This is such a fun box! I’m not even a super sciency person, but love to learn about the different things that come. And it’s going to make for an amazing collection of items!

Anonymous (California, United States)
Fascinating Finds

Some really cool stuff in here. I promise, you have no idea what kind of cool stuff you’ll get in this box.

Anonymous (Pennsylvania, United States)

Two items made the entire box worth it!

J.B. (Oklahoma, United States)

I love getting my Matter box every month! It gives me the same feeling that I got when I was a kid ordering science kits from the book fair.

S.C. (Leinster, Ireland)
A Solid Five.

Shared birthday present this year; 12 interesting surprises. Arrived safely. We tried to postpone opening till the weekend, but curiosity would not allow for further delay. We might do better next time?! Expectations were satisfied. Impressed with the quality & detail. Looking forward to the next… Thank You, The Stemcell shop! X

Matter box

Very cool box

some PREVIOUSLY featured items

We've shipped tens of thousands of boxes and counting, making Matter is one of the most popular science-themed subscription boxes, and the only box that features real scientific artifacts, fossils, and specimens. Here are a few of the hundreds of items we've featured.


We work with several labs that create cutting-edge materials for scientific research. One such material was this soil that was engineered to be chemically and physically identical to the surface dust of the moon.


Our laboratory equipment manufacturers provide us with many specialized tools that can be hard to find. Since scientific research demands high precision, you know you're only getting the absolute top-quality research and measurement tools.


Through our network of collectors, we've been able to include many collectible natural specimens in Matter, such as fossils and meteorites, all of which are verified and identified by trusted experts.

These meteorites were likely formed in the early solar system and crashed into earth around 4,500 years ago.


Our scientific artifacts may be our favorite items. These items highlight the extremes of human achievement in various fields, such as this piece of the original cable of the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the most immense engineering projects of all time.


Still have questions? We have a broader FAQ page here that might have the answer. If not, feel free to contact us.