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The STEMcell Science Shop was born in 2015 when co-founder and science enthusiast, Terry Mudge, wanted to create a shop to celebrate and explore all things science.

Part science museum, part store, The STEMcell offers the tools and inspiration that innovators need to improve the world(s). And for would-be innovators, the shop introduces curious minds to the joy of discovery and the pursuit of understanding. By presenting these curious minds with the benefits of logic, reason, and an evidence-based approach to the world, we hope to make a dent in the stupidity of the future human species.



We love science museums and centers. But too many gift shops at these institutions leave a lot to be desired. Himalayan salt lamps? Tacky, plus Veritasium debunked them. Inaccurate scientific wall art? We have ours checked so you don’t look foolish. Tumbled stones? Usually overpriced with a suggestion of metaphysics; besides, crystals look better raw, the way they came out of the ground.

Over the last few years we’ve proven that, when done well, a science shop can exist independent of a science museum. So when paired with the attraction and budget of a museum, the success can grow by magnitudes. If your science museum/center gift shop needs some help, let us know. We’re happy to wholesale many of our products or provide consultation.