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CI Asteroid Simulant

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This material has been engineered to be chemically and mechanically similar to the surface material of CI chondrite asteroids based on the Orgueil asteroid.

Orgueil is a carbonaceous chondrite meteorite that fell in southwestern France in 1864. It is one of five known meteorites belonging to the CI chondrite group, of which it is the largest at 14 kilograms (31 lb). This group is remarkable for having a composition that is essentially identical to that of the sun, excluding gaseous elements like hydrogen and helium. Because of its extraordinarily primitive composition and relatively large mass, Orgueil is one of the most-studied meteorites.

To be clear, this material is not from the Asteroid, but it is based on the the composition of Orgueil as determined through remote analysis. 

1 vial = approximately 1 oz or 30 grams of material (Contact us for larger amounts) 

Oxide % of weight
SiO2 34.8
TiO2 0.3
Al2O3 3.9
Cr2O3 0.2
Fe2O3 26.1
NiO 0.3
MnO 0.2
MgO 23.9
CaO 3.9
K2O 0.5
P2O5 0.9
SO3 4.5
Cl 0.4
CuO 0.1
Total 100

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CI Asteroid Simulant

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E.M. (New York, United States)
Love this store

Asteroid Simulant is one of the coolest things I own now, thanks!

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CI Asteroid Simulant

CI Asteroid Simulant