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Ivory Warthog Tusk

Ivory Warthog Tusk

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    Warthogs are pigs native to the southeast region of the African continent. They are easily recognizable due to the 4 curved tusks that grow from their snout. These tusks are made of ivory.

    Ivory is made of dentine, the same as teeth. The term ivory is usually reserved for tusks or large teeth. Some ivory is illegal to own, such as that of elephants, since many species have been hunted for their ivory to the point of becoming endangered.

    This specimen was sourced legally and ethically from the African Wildlife Foundation, a group dedicated to wildlife conservation and creating protected areas for warthogs in effort to prevent them from raiding and decimating crops. 

    We have full tusks as well as slices (for anyone who wants an ivory sample)

    These tusks came directly from nature. Please wash your hands after handling and please don't put it in your mouth. 


    • Full Tusk: 6–7" long (measured along the outside of curve)
    • Cross-Sectional Slice: Approx. 1" x ¼" (think of a pog slammer) 


    Bonus Fact: A group of warthogs is called a sounder.

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      Customer Reviews

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      Quality stuff!

      S.c. (Arizona, United States)
      Ivory perfection

      What more could one expect from a slice of warthog tusk? Ivory perfection!


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