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    This strange looking device uses some clever physics to make transporting liquids less messy.

    You’ve probably experienced the careful balancing act of walking with a full mug of coffee, where even the slightest bump can send the liquid over the edge.

    The SpillNot helps solve this problem. Place a drink on the platform (on the non-slip pad) and you’ll find it becomes somewhat difficult to cause a spill, even if traversing stairs or carrying other things.

    The flexible tether is the key. It absorbs most of the lateral motion without transferring that energy to the base.

    Any lateral movement that is transferred to the base is further minimized due to the centrifugal force. As the base begins to swing, the liquid is pushed to the bottom of the cup regardless of the cup’s orientation, even if it swings parallel to the horizon.

    A SpillNot may be useful for anyone who has tremors, a walking disability, balance problems, or arthritis. Great for boating.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    J.C. (Virginia, United States)

    I surprisingly use this all the time, haha!

    N.J. (Virginia, United States)

    I got this for my boyfriend who is an absolute nerd and got his bs in physics. He loves it. I'm a little hesitant to carry drinks on it, but he has absolutely no problem with it (probably cuz he understands the physics behind it). There have been no spills, even when carrying full mugs of hot chocolate.

    R.C. (Virginia, United States)

    Ruthie gave this item 5 stars

    D.B. (Virginia, United States)

    Damaris rated this 4 stars on Etsy


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