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Solar Lighter


A simple but useful tool to keep on hand for lighting fires. Experiment at home, take it with you camping or keep it with you for emergencies. 


Only use under adult supervision. Use with caution and always have a plan for extinguishing a fire before starting one.


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Solar Lighter

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A solar lighter uses a parabolic mirror to ignite a flame.

It works by concentrating a large area of the sun’s radiant energy into a focal point where the metal holder is positioned.

On a sunny day it can easily produce glowing embers in paper in a matter of seconds. With some careful blowing and perhaps some tinder, a fire is easily achievable.

In addition to not requiring additional fuel or igniter to produce fire, the solar lighter has the added benefit of being able to work after being wet, unlike most matches.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
S.M. (Virginia, United States)

Skinny gave this item 5 stars

D.R. (Virginia, United States)

It's fine, Etsy won't let me get rid of the notification until I review this item...arrived as expected.

B.M. (Virginia, United States)

Broberg rated this 5 stars on Etsy

C. (Virginia, United States)

This one will find a home in my glove box... simple and compact design and all while giving a great way to ignite the flame of scientific curiosity! :)

M.T. (California, United States)
Coolest thing ever

Works great, inexpensive enough to give to all my friends. Science teachers, you must have several!


good product. but sender did not write my telephone number on the package so the post can not deliver it to me. However, I followed and contacted the post office to received it

n.h.n. (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)
good product

good product

S.A. (Virginia, United States)

So simple yet so cool. It arrived with one of the little tabs on the side missing, broken off at some point but, this doesn't affect its function at all. Lots of fun to mess around with.


rated this 5 stars on Etsy

E.C. (Texas, United States)
Fire Starter?

I have yet to start a fire with this gizmo. I like to flash it around and get a reaction from certain people I know...I explain that if you have one of these at the ready you won't even need the tin foil on the windows to block those clandestine radio transmissions... This sucker will stop them cold!

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Solar Lighter

Solar Lighter