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Hydroponic Propagation Station


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Growing your cuttings with laboratory equipment is not only effective, but also visually appealing. We propagate our Syngonium podophyllum around the shop using lab stands and boiling flasks.

Simply add a cutting, water, and place in ample sunlight. You may add nutrients to the water to suit whatever species you decide to grow. We find that Syngonium podophyllum grows just fine using only tap water. Using containers with large openings (i.e. beakers or pots) tends to produce green water that requires refreshing more often. So we use flasks and reagent bottles with narrow openings. 


This kit can be purchased with or without the glassware. Plants are not included with online purchases.


Stand includes:

  • 1 Laboratory Stand
    • 18" rod
    • Metal base
  • Cast-Iron Support Rings
    • 3"
    • 4"

Glassware includes:

  • 150mL round bottom flask
  • 1000mL round bottom flask