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Small Precision Scale

Small Precision Scale

    This scale is made for measuring very precise amounts, with an accuracy of one-tenth of one gram (0.0035 oz).

    Measurements of mass this precise are accomplished using a clever electronic component called a strain gauge—an array of very fine wiring which is affixed to an aluminum bending bar called a load cell. As electricity passes through this wiring, fluctuations in electrical resistance are precisely measured by a microprocessor.

    Resistance is the measurement of the opposition to the flow of electrical current.

    When weight is applied to the platform, even very little weight, it bends the beam ever so slightly, causing the wiring lattice to deform. This deformation produces a tiny, specific change in resistance which corresponds to a specific force exerted on the platform.

    To make sure that you get the most accurate reading, make sure to use the scale on a level surface, free of vibrations.

    MAX RATED CAPACITY: 100g (21 oz) ACCURACY: 0.1g (0.0035 oz)

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