Plesiosaurus Patch

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Plesiosaurus iron-on patch.

Approx. 4" x 4"

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More info:

Plesiosaurus is a genus of extinct, large, oceanic reptiles. They thrived worldwide for about 25 million years during the Mesozoic Era starting 199.6 million years ago.

Plesiosaurus is not classified as a dinosaur, but rather with a separate group called plesiosaurs. This can be confusing, because not all plesiosaurs are Plesiosaurus. Mary Anning discovered the first plesiosaur,P. dolichodeirus, in 1823 and was met with broad interest in Victorian England. Since then, hundreds of plesiosaurs have been found around the world, but only Anning’s species is a Plesiosaurus. All others are closely related plesiosaur species.

Plesiosaurus was a warm-blooded, air-breathing, piscavore (meaning it primarily ate fish) that grew up to 11 ft (3 m) long and weighed several tons. Its long, flexible neck and needle-like, procumbent teeth, were well-adapted to dart its head to catch aquatic prey. From head to tail, this species had around 40 vertebre. With its 4 powerful, paddle-like limbs it could propel itself underwater with a motion similar to penguins, occasionally coming to the surface for a breath.