Future-Proof Periodic Table of the Elements

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With this future-proof table, blank boxes are arranged as placeholders for the predicted locations of undiscovered elements. When a new element is confirmed, write in its name, symbol, weight, and other properties it might have in the appropriate box.

Dimensions: 24" x 36"
Neutral grey color-scheme to complement any room.
Font weights correspond to atomic weights.

For every periodic table purchased, we donate one to a classroom.


More info:

The popular arrangement of the table of chemical elements was an extraordinary accomplishment by Dmitri Mendeleev. It neatly organizes atoms according to their number of protons, electron configuration, and various recurring properties. This ordering gives rise to important periodic trends of the elements such as atomic radius, reactivity, electronegativity and more. Using this arrangement and reading the trends within allows scientists to predict new elements and their properties.

There is some debate about how many different chemical elements can exist in our universe. At the time of printing, there are 118 confirmed elements, but as many as 173 are predicted. Rigorous tests are required to confirm the existence of a newly created or discovered element before it can be added to the table. When a new element is confirmed, the discoverer chooses a name and it is placed in the periodic table according to its properties.