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Moss Opal

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Moss Opal

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Moss opal is a type of opal easily identified by its dark, streaky, moss-like inclusions. Another name for it is “dendritic opal”, dendrite meaning “tree” for their branching habit. These streaking marks are a class of minerals called hornblende. This opal specimen was mined from an Australian deposit where 95% of the world’s white opal supply is mined.


• The opal in these rocks can range from milky white to brown and even bright orange.

• Dendritic crystallization forms a natural fractal pattern. A 2-dimensional example of this is frost formation on a window.


• You can add this opal variety to your geology collection.

• Dendritic growth is an important area of ongoing research in material science. NASA has tested forming special materials in the microgravity of low Earth orbit using dendritic growth in metals.


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D.R. (Virginia, United States)

It's fine, Etsy won't let me get rid of the notification until I review this item...arrived as expected.

A.L. (Virginia, United States)

Alexis rated this 5 stars on Etsy

S.T. (California, United States)
Favorite shop does it again!

Moss opal shipped lightning speed and knocked my jaw out upon arrival;) I really appreciate what this shop does and the quality of product I receive in every order. Including this one!

H.E. (Virginia, United States)

Hannah rated this 4 stars on Etsy

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Moss Opal

Moss Opal