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Martian Meteorite NWA13187

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This is one of the rarest rocks on the planet. It is a meteorite whose origin has been identified as planet Mars. Its official meteorical designation is Northwest Africa 13187.

Humans have never returned samples of another planet to Earth, so Martian meteorites discovered on Earth present the only contact we currently have with something from another world. 


Includes a 30mg fragment of the main slice (pictured) in an acrylic display case. All fragments vary slightly in shape & appearance (several examples are shown), but have been carefully weighed to be equivalent in value. Includes info card and individually-numbered certificate of authenticity.


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Martian Meteorite NWA13187

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further research

This rock is really from Mars

Shergottites are rocks that were formed by lava flows on the planet Mars as recently as 180 million years ago. After a major impact event, they were ejected into outer space and eventually collided with Earth. 


How do we know it came from Mars?

Thousands of meteorites have been found on Earth and nearly all of them can be traced to the formation of the solar system. However, a handful of meteorites, less than 0.5% of those classified, are much younger and contain a unique chemical composition which made their origin a mystery for nearly a century. 

Then in 1976, the Viking landers reached Mars and analyzed the gaseous composition of its thin atmosphere. The results contained the same unique isotopes in the exact same proportions as those trapped within shock glass veins and pockets in shergottites. This evidence was compelling since the chemical signature hadn’t been discovered anywhere else in the solar system. This led NASA to announce in 1983 that the meteorites “don’t look like anything so much as the Viking measurements of the Martian atmosphere”. 

Now, after decades of further analysis by more spacecrafts, the evidence for a Martian origin to these rocks is irrefutable. The results are best summed up in a 2000 study: “If they were from another planetary body, it would have to be substantially identical to Mars.”


We go to great lengths to ensure everything we sell is authentic. This specimen was purchased from a meteorite collector with IMCA #6752. Its history can be traced at The Meteorical Society and each fragment includes an individually numbered certificate of authenticity.


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B.L. (Virginia, United States)

Exactly as described and pictured.
Quick deliver and good seller communication.
One of my favourite sellers.
Oh, and it's so cool to own a piece of another planet.

J.N. (Minnesota, United States)
Great Item!

Exactly as described - fantastic little piece of the Red Planet for desk. Appreciate the information outlined on the display, both front and back.

S.F. (Kentucky, United States)

Very cool having a piece of Mars on my desk!

T.W. (Arkansas, United States)
Very cool

Always love getting stuff from this company. Brings out the nerd side in me and the stuff is always super cool and exactly as described.

R.B. (Louisiana, United States)

its a gift did not give it to grandson yet

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Martian Meteorite NWA13187

Martian Meteorite NWA13187