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Isaac Newton's "Principia", French Translation (1755)


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The book that brought physics to France.

Isaac Newton developed what we now consider the scientific branch of physics in his book Principia Mathematica. This book laid the foundations for explaining why things behave the way they do in nature. However, Newton famously wrote his books in Latin. To help spread the scientific revolution and this new understanding of the world around us, Henry Pemberton, a Royal Society colleague of Newton's, translated the book into French. 

Some have proposed that this book may have provided the link from Newton's Principia, which is said to be the beginning of the Age of Enlightenment, to French philosopher Voltaire, thereby suggesting it may have had a minor influence on the French revolution. But that's not our area of expertise, so we'll leave that for the historians to determine.

495 pages
Author: Henry Pemberton (translated from Newton's original)
Published: 1755
Condition: Very good. Includes many fold-out diagrams in terrific condition.

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