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Hardy Rubber Tree Seeds

Hardy Rubber Tree Seeds

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    3 seeds in a vial 

    These seeds belong to the tree Eucommia ulmoides, a rubber-producing tree native to Asia. It is sometimes called the hardy rubber tree because it is the only rubber- producing tree that is cold-tolerant.

    The rubber is harvested as latex. Latex is a natural plant substance, but it can also be manufactured by chemical processes. Trees produce latex to protect damaged parts from insects. In fact, if you tear a leaf of this tree, strands of latex hold the pieces together.

    Most natural rubber is harvested from another species, Hevea brasiliensis, but since demand is high, a special process has been developed to use the latex from E. ulmoides to produce a rubber substitute with similar properties.

    This species is one of nearly 9,000 plant species with a “vulnerable” conservation status because there are less than 1,000 mature trees in the wild.

    These seeds have evolved into this flat shape, called a samara, which enables the seed to use the wind for farther dispersion.

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      Exceptional quality item, glad I got it
      I must say about the packaging, attention to detail and these nice colored information cards for each item. Wow, real good!

      J. (Ontario, Canada)
      Exceptional packaging and quality

      i recommend this product as it is in great shape and well packaged. Sorry I accidentally put 1 star but this is a 5 star !

      D.C. (Virginia, United States)

      Daniel gave this item 5 stars

      M.M. (Virginia, United States)
      Rubber Tree Seeds

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