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Golden Gate Bridge Cable

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This piece of cable is a section we extracted from the vertical suspension cable (see video) that was used on the bridge for about 40 years until its replacement in the 1970s. It is now a collectible artifact of extreme engineering. It may even have some International Orange paint still clinging to its surface.

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco was the longest and tallest suspension bridge in the world when it was completed in 1937. It is lauded as an engineering and architectural marvel and has been named one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

As a suspension bridge, the roadway is hung from two tall masts by steel cables. The roadway spans nearly 1 mile long over the Golden Gate, an especially deep strait carved by glacial runoff during the last Ice Age.

The 36” main cables were the largest ever made and had to be wound on-site. In total, the bridge required 80,000 miles (130,000 km) of galvanized steel wire—enough to circle the globe 3 times.

Note: Full bridge section photos are for reference only. This listing is for a single wire that we extracted from this section.
Length: ~4"

Vintage photos of bridge during construction courtesy of

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Golden Gate Bridge Cable

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The original vertical cables, technically called a suspender ropes, of the Golden Gate Bridge consisted of 229 strands of steel wire twisted in 6 bundles around 1 central bundle. The full bundle was 2 11/16" in diameter.

Suspender Cable Installation
Suspender rope wrapped around main cable


Unlike many common construction projects which have features borrowed from similar jobs, an engineering feat as large as the Golden Gate Bridge required everything to be custom designed from scratch, since no suspension bridge had been build to that scale before.
The wires of the suspender ropes were arranged in a specific configuration (fig. 2), unique to the bridge's physical requirements, which acts as an embedded signature. This configuration perfectly matches the section that these strands were taken from (fig. 1). This unique configuration was redesigned again in the 1970s (fig. 3), so we know that our cable was from the original construction.

Bridge Cable Configuration
Fig. 1 — Our section of suspender rope
Bridge Cable Configuration, Original Construction
Fig. 2 — The original 1930s wire configuration
Bridge Cable Configuration, Replacement
Fig. 3 — The replacement 1970s wire configuration

Here are more interesting statistics about the bridge 


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M.O. (Virginia, United States)

A piece of one of the Wonders Of The Modern World. Exactly as described. I would be happy to recommend this seller to you.

Anonymous (England, United Kingdom)
A bit of history

What a great item, and it came with a bit of the iconic paint colour on it too!


Cool to own a piece of the golden bridge thanks

J.L. (Virginia, United States)

Super cool item that is well presented. It arrived quickly and safely. Very pleased!

S. (Virginia, United States)

Such a cool item to have!

J.H. (Oregon, United States)
Exactly what I was hoping for.

Item was received well packaged and in good time. About 3” long, this is a beautiful little piece of a historic structure.

R. (Texas, United States)

This was fantastic and a much appreciated gift. It’s a nice piece of history to have


Amazing what artifacts can be found on Etsy. Nicely presented in an informational display packet.

J.F. (Oklahoma, United States)
One for me, one for Dad

A great unique gift. We love it!

A.B. (Texas, United States)
Unique gift

The cable piece from the Golden Gate Bridge was a great gift for my nephew. He and his family moved there 2 years ago and it was great to be able to give him a gift that gave him a piece of such an iconic architectural structure that he can really geek out about!

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Golden Gate Bridge Cable

Golden Gate Bridge Cable