Fossilized Insect in Amber


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An insect trapped in amber around 40 million years ago. You will receive a vial with one piece of amber.

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The images on this page are representative of the specimen you will receive. Amber pieces range from a few millimeters to a centimeter, but all contain an insect of some sort. Close-up images were taken through a microscope.

More info:

Baltic amber, also called succinite, is a yellowish fossilized tree resin created by forests in the Baltic region of Europe from about 37–48 million years ago. Amber starts as a soft resin when it is secreted from trees, so animals and plant matter can be caught and engulfed in it before it solidifies. Amber is unique in its ability to dehydrate and preserve organisms with impeccable detail. This sample of Baltic amber contains an insect inclusion from the Eocene epoch. Amber provides our most thorough insect fossil record.