Footprint on the Moon AR Magnet

from AstroReality

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Experience the moon landing in a brand new way with this 3D printed magnet of Buzz Aldrin's footprint from the historic Apollo 11 mission.  This footprint augmented reality (AR) model uses the most advanced 3D printing and augmented reality technology to truly restore the “big step” of human beings in the vast universe, featuring high-definition image modeling based on NASA's Apollo 11 Mission public data.  

AstroReality's AR app connects you with video content of the moon landing, as well as information about the Apollo 11 mission and Buzz Aldrin. Simply download the app, pair your product with the app using the unique QR code, and unlock amazing AR content.

  • Material: Unsaturated polyresin, hand-painted 
  • Size: 3.78" x 2.64" x .24"