Crinoid Fossil


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One of our oldest fossils, crinoids have lived in oceans since at least the Ordovician Era (485 million years ago). These echinoderms flourished in the Paleozoic Era, covering the ocean floor with their feathery appendages that would open up like a flower to capture food particles like plankton.

They survived the Permian Period, which ended with the largest mass extinction event in history. Crinoids went on to diversify into hundreds of varieties, most famously the sea lily and feather star inhabiting oceans today. 

The crinoid, like its fellow echinoderms, has tube feet, radial symmetry, and a water vascular system. These fossils have been found in large limestone deposits through North America and Europe. 

The length of these crinoids ranges from .5" to 1". The pics are an average representative of our current inventory. You may not receive these exact specimens, but some like them. We try to prioritize the largest specimens to ship first.