Bristlecone Pine Seeds

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Grow a Bristlecone Pine—the longest living organism in the world!

Each vial contains several seeds, each crammed with all the genetic information to grow one of the oldest known organisms on Earth. Be sure to study the proper growing/care instructions for your climate. 


More info:

The oldest known of these trees is 5,068 years old and its exact location in California is kept secret. Bristlecone pines thrive in harsh environments: rocky soil with high winds and no rainfall. This typically limits them to high altitudes where they don’t have to compete with other plants. Keep this in mind when finding your’s a home. Bristlecone pine wood is resistant to rot and insects. This means trees can continue to stand for centuries after they’ve died, and even erode from water and wind like stone. Dendroclimatologists depend on these ancient trees’ rings to provide the longest continual climate record.