Apollo 11 Lunar Module Sticker


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Apollo 11 Lunar module sticker.

4" wide, 3.75" tall

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More info:

The Apollo 11 vehicle consisted of 3 main components:

1. The Command & Service Module (CSM), Columbia: The crew lived in this module for the voyage to and from the moon. Upon arriving, astronaut Michael Collins stayed in this capsule orbiting the moon alone for a day while the others completed tasks on the surface.

2. The Lunar Module (LM, originally LEM), Eagle: This was the module that actually landed on the surface of the moon and, once surface activities concluded, relaunched to join the orbiting CSM. Once docked and the crew safely reboarded the CSM, the LM was jettisoned into space.

3. Saturn V Rocket: Possibly the most powerful non- destructive machine humans have ever created. This three-stage structure was primarily a massive fuel tank afixed to some of the most powerful rockets ever built. No other operational launch vehicle has ever surpassed the Saturn V in height, weight, total power, or payload capacity.