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We gladly ship worldwide and in a timely manner, typically within 1-3 days. When shipping fees apply, they are automatically calculated based on your order's weight and travel distance. Rates are provided instantly from our carriers. Shipping speeds provided by carriers are transit time only and do not include packing orders or awaiting carrier pickup  

If we cannot fulfill an order asap—typically due to an inventory error, supplier delay, etc.—we'll reach out via email to offer a refund, an alternate item if possible, or the customer may wait until the item is back in stock. For pre-order and subscription items, the product page will indicate the expected shipment date, but other items in the order will ship as soon as possible.

We use as much recyclable/compostable packing material as possible. If your order is packed with non-recyclable materials (bubble wrap, most foam, etc.) we are reusing it rather than throwing it out. You are encouraged to continue to reuse these materials when possible to maximize their use. We also certify that all orders are shipped 100% carbon-neutral. We provide these offsets at no extra cost to you—meaning our product prices and shipping rates are not affected by our providing offsets. Offsetting our process is good for the environment, it supports jobs in the agroforestry and renewable energy sectors, and is surprisingly inexpensive.

All orders come with tracking information so you can receive shipment status updates. Please allow at least 24 hours after you receive shipping confirmation for your package to be received by the carrier. Please note: we only have access to the same tracking information as you.

US Orders: We ship all orders via USPS or UPS. Unfortunately, we no longer trust FedEx with our products. Some of our once-living items may be prohibited in some states. Please be aware of what is and is not legal to possess in your state before placing your order. We cannot be held responsible for any legal issues that arise from your possession of our items. For more, please see our Terms.

International Orders: We ship international orders via USPS. Shipments to addresses outside of the US are subject to customs inspection and subsequently take longer. Please allow 2 weeks for orders to Canada and 3 weeks to most other countries. Please be aware of what is and is not legal to possess in your country before ordering. If an order is flagged at your country's port of entry and returned to us, we will refund you for the products but not the shipping fee.


If you have any questions not addressed, feel free to email us.