FAQ Sustainability

What is your carbon footprint?  

For 2020 our CO2 footprint was -342 tonnes. Yes, it's a negative number. This means the amount of carbon-capturing activities we engaged in for the year far outweighed our carbon-emitting activities. 

We don't do this for the PR. We believe it is our responsibility as humans to make sure our business's existence doesn't harm other humans. This should not be controversial.

Side note: The term "carbon footprint" is only in wide use now thanks to the $250 million dollar ad campaign by the oil company BP to shift responsibility for the solving climate change from the fossil fuel industry onto the individual. The fossil fuel industry is by far the most responsible for the destruction of Earth's atmosphere, and they have know as much since the 1980s.

We offset the emissions of every order placed from start to finish (website usage, warehouse power usage, shipping, etc.) by planting trees at certified agroforestry projects around the world. 

What environmental practices does your business engage in?  

In addition to planting trees, we also take common sense actions to minimize our emissions:
  • We've upgraded our facility with energy & water efficient equipment.
  • We pay for 100% WindChoice power.
  • We only purchase recycled cardboard boxes and all-natural corn-, mycelium-, or sugar-based foam.
  • We reduce, reuse, and recycle anything we can, especially packing materials.
  • Our company vehicle is electric.
  • We encourage our suppliers to combine shipments and avoid using oil-based packing materials.
  • We prioritize suppliers who prioritize the environment.
  • We encourage other businesses to go carbon-negative since it doesn't cost nearly as much as many believe it might.

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