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Mystery Matter Box

from The STEMcell Science Shop

Sale price $17.50 $35.00

∙ A box of 5-7 interesting items with info cards. Items could include fossils, minerals, interesting materials, pure elements, experiments, and more.
∙ Typically $35/box, half price during the pandemic.


MATTER is our monthly science subscription box. It is growing very popular and quickly becoming one of the top science boxes available. Most months we have extra items. We offer a random assortment of these items here to anyone who may have missed out on past months of MATTER, or who are curious about what to expect in the subscription.

Please note: This is a one-time box of an assortment of items featured in a past month of our subscription box. If you're interested in subscribing to MATTER to get new, fresh items shipped to your door every month, we've got another site for just that.