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Space Pen

from Fisher Space Pen

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You can finally take notes, write fan fiction, or doodle where traditional ballpoint pins cannot!

Thanks to its pressurized ink cartridge, this pen can write:

  • at any angle
  • in zero gravity
  • underwater
  • in extreme hot or cold temperatures 
  • through grease


More info:

During early space flights, pencils were used to write in space. But these posed too many potential hazards and typical ballpoint pens don’t work in the microgravity of Earth orbit. Paul Fisher of the Fisher Pen Company spent over $1 million of his own money to develop a pen with a nitrogen-pressurized ink cartridge that could write in zero gravity and in a vacuum. In 1965, after years of development, he presented his anti-gravity pen to NASA and, after testing it for 18 months, they purchased 400 pens for $2.95 each. The Fisher Space Pen has been used on every American and Russian manned space flight since 1967. 

There’s a common myth that the US spent millions (sometimes billions) of taxpayer money to develop this pen while Soviet Russia solved this problem by just using a pencil. This is 100% false. Help fight misinformation!