Past Box of MATTER (Non-Subscription)

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MATTER is our monthly science subscription box. It is growing very popular and quickly becoming one of the top science boxes available. Some months we have extra items. We offer a random assortment of these items here to anyone who may have missed out on past months of MATTER, or who are curious about what to expect in the subscription.

Please note: This item is not a part of our subscription service. By purchasing this item, you'll receive an immediate, one-time shipment of a random assortment of items featured in past months of our subscription box. If you're interested in subscribing to MATTER, we've got another site for just that.


What is MATTER?

MATTER is a science subscription box full of interesting items every month. Our small team of dedicated scientists and science enthusiasts scour the Earth to find only the most interesting items to send to our subscribers. Each month's box includes about 3–6 items with a retail value of ~$50, so you come out ahead no matter the length of your subscription. We always include a wide range of items—some man-made, some natural, some modern, some prehistoric—so there's sure to be something to spark anyone's curiosity. Plus, each item is paired with an information card describing the item, as well as some interesting properties about it (non-subscription boxes also include info cards when available). MATTER will only feature proven scientific fatcs—never pseudoscience . Plus, each box is curated to be purely scientific, without non-scientific "merchandise" (t-shirts, stickers, plush toys) like so many other boxes.

Who is MATTER for?

MATTER is for anyone who enjoys being mentally stimulated. Being science enthusiasts ourselves, we strive to make a box that we would be excited to receive. Most science boxes are geared strictly toward kids, but ours is designed with adults in mind as well. While it is educational and kid-friendly, some concepts may need to be explained by an adult (i.e. aerogel, the lightest known solid material). All items in our box come with an info card which can be used as a starting point for your independent research.