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Geisenoceras Fossil

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Geisenoceras is an extinct cephalopod, similar to a squid with a long, pointed shell, that lived during the Devonian period around 400 million years ago.

Species:  Geisenoceras
Devonian (400 million years ago)


Specimens picture are representative of our currently inventory. You'll likely receive a different—but similar—specimen. We prioritize sending the biggest specimens first. All specimens are around 1—1.5" long.


More info:

For many years, many similar conical-shelled nautiloid species like this were lumped into the species Orthoceras regulare, what is now known as a wastebasket taxon. We now know there are over 2,500 unique fossil nautiloid species, leaving a confusing mess in the taxonomy record. These fossils are still commonly misattributed to Orthoceras.