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Raccoon Baculum

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Raccoon baculum (a.k.a. the penis bone). Most are 3 ½–5" in length. These are collected in nature, so some may still have some natural "residue". Please don't put them in your mouth.

The pics are just an average representative of our current inventory. You may not receive these exact specimens, but some similar to them. As a rule, we try to prioritize shipping the largest specimens we have first.

A note on ethics: Life in all its forms is our utmost priority. Rest assured that we carefully source our products from humane suppliers, and many of our specimens from once-living creatures—like this one—are either byproducts of natural death or ethical killing (for food, for example). Absolutely no purchase from our shop directly promotes or endorses further death of any kind.


More info:

This curved bone is a baculum from a raccoon. Bacula are bones located in the penis of many mammals. Their function is thought to aid in mating, and therefore increase the likelihood of reproduction. In many species whose males have a baculum, the females have a bony equivalent called a baubellum.

The baculum appears to have evolved independently nine different times in the evolutionary record. Many mammals have a baculum, including most primates. Though they have evolved out of human lineage, making us one of the few primate exceptions.

Walrus bacula can be up to 2 ft (60 cm) long. The longest known was a 4.5 ft (137 cm) fossil from a walrus ancestor.