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Resurrection Plant

Resurrection Plant

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    This ball of vegetation is Selaginella lepidophylla, commonly called by many names, including the flower of stone, Lazarus plant, and dinosaur plant. It is not dead.

    It is a type of resurrection plant, which means it can survive long periods of drought, an important survival mechanism for its native habitat, the Chihuahuan Desert.

    The plant wraps itself into a ball when dehydrated, reducing metabolism to a minimum. When rehydrated, it springs back to life by uncurling itself, resuming photosynthesis and turning green.

    It can survive for years without water thanks to the plant’s ability to produce a sugar called trehalose, which replaces the evaporating water, preventing cell death. As water is reintroduced, it dissolves these sugars and metabolism restarts.

    What’s even more impressive is, after extended periods of extreme dryness, the plant will detach from its roots, allowing the wind to carry it away. If it finds moisture elsewhere, it takes root there upon rehydration.

    Timelapse was done over period of 12 hours

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 13 reviews
      G.M. (Virginia, United States)

      Grace gave this item 5 stars

      C.B. (Virginia, United States)

      Great customer service, high-quality products

      Reuben R. (Pennsylvania, United States)

      I had a basic knowledge of the "Resurrection Plant" before I saw it for sale, so I had an idea of what it would do. I was completely amazed, though, upon receiving my plant and placing it in water. Within about an hour it had opened up a fair amount. By 9 hours, it was already turning green! Thank you for carrying such a fascinating item!

      S.I. (Massachusetts, United States)
      Amazing nature!

      What a very cool and inspiring little plant.

      K.B. (Virginia, United States)

      Kate gave this item 5 stars

      B.S. (Virginia, United States)

      Blossomsandboules gave this item 5 stars


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