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Australasian tektite specimen. All are about 1–2" long by ½"–¾" wide. Some have smooth concave surfaces formed by air pockets. Color is nearly opaque black.

The pics are an average representative of our current inventory. You may not receive these exact specimens, but some like them. We try to prioritize the largest specimens to ship first.


More info:

Tektites are formed when large meteors impact the Earth. The material ejected from the impact crater is heated and fused into glass. This tektite is from the Australasian strewnfield, which covers the area within the blue region in the map below and is estimated to have been caused by an impact 790,000 years ago.

All Australasian tektites have a similar chemical composition,which is why they are thought to be from the same impact. The location of the impact crater is still unknown, but recent studies suggest it is most likely in what is now Vietnam.

Australasian strewn field map


Image: Meteor Crater