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Looking for a gift for someone hard to shop for? This box contains a variety of 10 of the absolute best items featured in MATTER, our scientific subscription box. These items can be considered staples for any science aficionado’s collection. With a combined value easily over $100, these are some of the most valuable and popular items featured in our previous boxes. Each item also includes an info card. Due to the rare nature of these items, quantity is limited and we cannot substitute items.

Printable list of items and descriptions (PDF)

In the box:

  • Iron Meteorite - 4.5 billion years old

  • Calymene Trilobite Fossil - 500 million years old

  • Mosasaurus Tooth Fossil - 65 million years old

  • Insect in Fossilized Amber - 44 million years old

  • Lepidolite Crystal

  • Bismuth Crystal

  • Aerogel - The lightest-known solid material

  • Jeweler’s Loupe

  • Bullet fired in the US Civil War

  • Meteoric Tektite