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Dilong Enamel Pin

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Finally, an enamel pin honoring your favorite dinosaur you never met.
  • Species: Dilong paradoxus
  • Era: Early Cretaceous (126 Million years ago)
  • Locale: China


More info:

Dilong is a genus of basal tyrannosauroid dinosaur. It was first described in 2004 and is thought to have been over 2 m (6.6 ft) long when fully grown. Dilong paradoxus had a covering of simple feathers or protofeathers. The feathers were seen in fossilized skin impressions from near the jaw and tail. They are not identical to modern bird feathers, lacking a central shaft and most likely used for warmth, since they could not have enabled flight. Adult tyrannosaurs, found in Alberta and Mongolia have skin impressions which appear to show the pebbly scales typical of other dinosaurs. Some have speculated that the tyrannosauroids may have had different skin coverings on different parts of their bodies - perhaps mixing scales and feathers. It is also speculated that feathers may correlate negatively with body size - that juveniles may have been feathered, then shed the feathers and expressed only scales as the animal became larger and no longer needed insulation to stay warm.